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Going on a vacation?  Need a personal travel consultant with your interests and lifestyle as a top priority?

Jane Folsom owner of Destination by Design Travel Company (DBD) indulges in creating custom itineraries for a variety of different individuals. With a focus on lifestyle and a concentration on research, Jane constructs attractive, engaging journeys for individuals and small groups.   She prides herself on developing itineraries that will suit the desired needs of her consumers.  While Jane creates itineraries for destinations around the world, she specializes in Italy.

With a strong knowledge of destinations, a variety of connections around the world and personalized interaction with consumers, Destination by Design Travel Company, creates custom itineraries that focus on consumers’ lifestyles and personal interests to fully satisfy the consumers’ desired experiences.

Jane values her knowledge of destinations and connections throughout the world as well as her relationships with her clients.  Jane uses her expertise to create a safe travel environment and to add value to her clients’ experiences. With personal interaction with clients, Jane can establish a friendship allowing for better knowledge of the client’s likes and dislikes.  Overall creating an ideal itinerary for a variety of different individuals.

When planning a vacation or business trip contact Destination By Design Travel Company to assist.